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The Council

The Council is an elected body in the first tier of government, which plays an important part in representing the interests of the local community.It should understand the needs of the different groups within the community and has a duty to make difficult decisions in an open and reasoned way.

The Council consists of a Chairperson, twelve members (elected or co-opted) who represent two wards within the Parish. It employs a Clerk who is the Responsible Financial Officer who provides advice, administrative support and acts to implement council decisions.

Amongst the Council’s main duties are:

• Monitor public footpaths.
• Consider planning matters.
• Suggest improvements regarding highways.
• Work with the Police to safeguard the community.
• Liaise with the County Council on maintenance of street lights.
• Provide financial assistance for various voluntary organisations and charities.
• Look after the local playing field and park, public seating and notice boards.
• Appoint representatives to many local and outside bodies.
• Consider community projects, which would benefit the community.