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Council Meetings

Council meetings are important; this is where decisions are made.They are formal meetings with a clear purpose. The main council meetings are held at Yr Aelwyd on the third Thursday of the month at 6.30pm with the exception of the December meeting, which is held on the second Thursday. No meeting takes place during August. The meetings are conducted in English but discussion with the Council can be in either Welsh or English.

Meetings are advertised by putting up public notices on the Council notice boards found at Nantycaws, Llangunnnor Road and Brynmeurig and on the Council web site. The agenda of these meeting are normally available a few days before the meeting. Councillors receive a summons to attend.

The meeting follows a set structure as set out on the agenda for the meeting and cannot transact anything, which is not on the published agenda as per Standing Orders. (Opens in a new window)

The public and press have a right to observe how the Council operates, and are actively encouraged to attend meetings. There are on occasions items of a sensitive nature where the public and press will need to be excluded from the meeting, but once this has been discussed you are welcome to return and can leave the meeting at any point. Members of the public can ask a question during the public questions item on the agenda. If the question can be answered it will be, but further discussion or debate cannot take place unless the item is on the agenda.

The Chair of Council leads the meeting and councillors may address the Chair when given permission. The Chair may also invite members of the public to address the meeting, usually if the item being discussed directly effects those present. For large groups a spokesperson may be nominated to address the Council. The proceedings at meeting cannot currently be recorded on video/audio devices.

The main council meeting is not normally longer than two hours and the Planning Committee meets directly afterwards.